Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yoga for Peace Schedule for January 2017 and Beyond

Hello dear friends, today is January 4, 2017. Happy New Years!

Prema (the Yoga for Peace rv) and I are in Fairhope, Alabama, after a wonderful Positive Thinking program at the library there last night. December was amazing! We had programs from Jacksonville to Miami and met hundreds of aspiring Yogis (anyone wanting to be happy is an aspiring Yogi!!) Thank you all dear friends, thanks to all of the dear friends that arranged talks and marketed the programs, thank you to all that attended, thank you all for amazing kindness shown. Amazing, truly amazing, I am in awe. Thank you Lord

Now for the westward leg back towards California and service at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in Grass Valley during March and April. We will continue with every opportunity that we are given to share the message of Peace between now and then, and plan to resume the tour in early July for most of the balance of 2017.

Here's the latest below. Click on any of the programs for more details. Thank you, love you, bless you.

May all know Peace.

1/3        1/4         Fairhope, AL                 1/3 5:30PM Positive Thinking Workshop @ Public Library, Fairhope, AL
1/4        1/16       New Orleans, LA          1/4 5:30-6:30PM Dharma Talk at The Propeller, New Orleans                                            
                                                                1/4 6:45-7PM Yoga discourse @ Swan River Midtown New Orleans
                                                                1/6 5:30-7:30PM "Spirit of Seva" @ Swan River Arabi Yoga 
                                                                1/7 5:30-7:30PM Positive Thinking Workshop #1 of 2 @ Swan River Arabi Yoga
                                                                1/8 11AM Sunday Service at Unity Church of New Orleans
                                                                1/8 3-5PM Positive Thinking Workshop #2 of 2 @ Swan River Arabi Yoga
                                                                1/11 6PM Positive Thinking Workshop at Unity Church of New Orleans
                                                                1/12 7PM Satsang, Tibetan House, New Orleans
                                                                1/13-1/15 Silent Retreat with Swan River Arabi Yoga
1/16      1/18       Houston, TX                 1/17 6:30PM Satsang, Shanti Tree Yoga
                                                                1/18 12Noon Satsang, Yoga West
1/18      1/19       Austin, TX                    1/19 7:00PM Workshop, Phoenix Rising Metaphysical
1/19      1/20       Austin / Dallas, TX
1/20      1/21       Sherman, TX                1/20 6PM Satsang, The Yoga Studio, Sherman
1/21      1/22       Poteau, OK
1/22      1/23       Sand Springs, OK        1/22 4PM Satsang, Osage Forest of Peace
1/23      1/24       Vinita, OK
1/24      1/26       Oklahoma City, OK
1/26      1/27       Amarillo, TX
1/27      1/28       Tucamcari, NM
1/28      1/31       Albuquerque, NM         1/28 6PM Satsang, Albuquerque residence
1/31      2/1         Truth or Consequences, NM
2/1        2/2         Rodeo, NM
2/2        2/4         Tucson, AZ                   2/2 6:30PM Global Peace Chant, Tucson
                                                                2/3 6:30PM Satsang, Natural Grocers Tucson
2/4        2/5         Black Canyon City, AZ 2/4 3:00PM Satsang for Peace
2/5        2/9         Sedona, AZ                  2/5 evening Satsang, TBA
                                                                2/8 9AM-9PM Positive Thinking Retreat at ChocolaTree Sedona
2/9        2/10       Phoenix, AZ
2/10      2/11       South central, AZ
2/11      2/13       Yuma, AZ                     2/11 6:30PM Positive Thinking Workshop, Center for Spiritual Living, Yuma
                                                                2/12 10AM Sermon - Sunday service at Center for Spiritual Living
2/13      2/17       San Diego, CA
2/17      2/20       Los Angeles, CA           2/18 - 2/19 Steps Towards Inner Peace - Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Los Angeles
2/24      2/27       San Francisco, CA        2/25 - 2/26 Steps Towards Inner Peace - Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, San Francisco
3/1        5/11       Sivananda Yoga Farm, Grass Valley
5/11      6/4         India
6/4        6/21       TBD
6/21      7/5         Sivananda Yoga Farm, Grass Valley        
10/13    10/23     South Florida
11/20    1/1/18    Sivananda Yoga Farm, Grass Valley


  1. Please make your way back to Cincinnati.

    1. Thank you dear one, that is my intention. In fact we will have a silent weekend retreat in the area in August, perhaps you could join us for that if you would like? Here is a link for the program on Facebook with details:

  2. Please find a spot in charlotte, mom and I and Mickey would love to participate in silent retreat. I can work to get possible venues could you do after chapel hill or before?